Doreen Untinen

Two doctors said I was going to lose my leg. I didn’t have blood going into either leg and I couldn’t walk. My foot was black and purple and my toes were split open. It was so painful. I was in California at the time and I had been going to this doctor for three years. He finally told me, “No more.” He said he was going to cut off my leg next time. My sister told me to come down from California to Florida to see a foot doctor. The foot doctor told me I was going to lose my leg, and the only person he knew that could save it was Dr. Khatib.
After several procedures, Dr. Khatib saved both of my legs. He really stuck with me until he got my legs up and working again. His staff and employees are so wonderful and they treated me like a loved one.

I still cry when I think about how awful my legs and feet were until Dr. Khatib fixed them. Now I feel great. Dr. Khatib and his staff have kept on top of everything and have made my whole life wonderful. This is the longest I have been without a procedure and my legs are fine. I have no problem walking around; it is like a whole new world. When I look at my legs I thank god for Dr. Khatib and his staff, because of them I can walk again.

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