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Sleep for the Heart

Being heart healthy is not just about frequent exercise and eating right. Namely, getting enough sleep is crucial too. In parallel, regular exercise, healthy diet, and low stress will promote the deep, restorative sleep that is beneficial for cardiovascular health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults between 18 to 65 needs to aim for at

Meditation Heart Benefits

If you’re feeling too stressed out to hit the gym, or don’t have enough time to prepare a delicious and healthy snack, we have got you covered! Meditation is one simple tactic you can perform that will keep your nerves at ease and keep your heart healthy.

One study from the American Journal of Cardiology examined data from over 61,000

Mental Health and Heart Health

For quite a while, there was no recognition on the connection between mental health and heart health. Well now that thought process is changing as research indicates a connection between the mind and the heart. In other words, biological and chemical factors that trigger mental health can also influence heart disease.

With that in mind, and with May being mental

Myths Surrounding Heart Disease

What is Heart Disease?

While the term “heart disease” can sound scary, it is actually shrouded by myths and misconceptions. Let’s begin by quickly defining what it means. The term itself pertains to several types of heart conditions. The most prominent one in the United States is coronary artery disease; a disease in which there is a narrowing or

Can E-Cigs help you to stop smoking? Study shows otherwise

Electronic Cigarettes or E-cigs first came into play in the United States in 2007. Their sales almost doubled from the years 2013 to 2017 as they were widely branded as a cessation aid for smokers. A recent study published under the BMJ journal analyzed 2017 through 2019 data of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study, which studies

The Story of Bonnie Ciluffo | Patient Testimonial

“Prior to my meeting Dr. Lamba, I was enduring decreasing health. Sixteen years ago, for my daughter’s senior trip we went to the Dominican Republic. I contracted a parasite that attacked my kidneys and then my heart muscles. It significantly reduced my ability to have a normal life. After my hospitalization, I continued to see a cardiologist and a

Women’s Health & Wellness Fair | March 26th

Empowering women and their families to be the healthiest versions of themselves. 
Join us for a Health & Wellness Fair hosted by First Coast Cardiovascular Institute. Enjoy:

Food Trucks
Vendor Tables
Health Talks

The details: 

Date: Saturday, March 26
Time: 12-3PM
Location: 7011 AC Skinner Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Some Good News on Health When Everything Seems Bad

We cannot deny the devastating impacts of the pandemic. The pandemic has changed how we work, learn, and of course, socialize.
However, even during the midst of the pandemic, there are still positive health trends worth celebrating. Here are some recent health trends from Harvard Health to give us some good news, when everything seems bad
• Death related to Alzheimer’s

FCCI Teams Up with Orange Park Medical Center for Cardiology Fellowship Program

First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI) is a proud partner of Orange Park Medical Center (OPMC) in creating a cardiology fellowship program that trains the future generation of cardiologists.

The OPMC Cardiology fellowship program was established in 2018, and proudly just graduated its first class of fully trained cardiology fellows; Drs. Areen Al-Taie and Waqas Siddiqui. Both of these physicians went

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