Hemodialysis Access Management


At First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI), we hold a 10-year tradition of caring for patients with chronic kidney disease. We have performed thousands of hemodialysis access management procedures in our outpatient catherization laboratories in both Duval and Putnam counties.  We have successfully reduced the infection rate, hospital trips and catheters for our patients. We are able to do this through the latest advancements in medicine as well as immediate response to our patients’ needs.

What sets FCCI apart is the combination of a top-quality access management facility coupled with a team of board-certified cardiologists. Our cardiologists work in close collaboration with your nephrologists and dialysis center. Your care team receives immediate feedback, ensuring your care is always comprehensive and expedited.

How Can We Help You?

-Declot (thrombectomy)
-Angioplasty and stent placement
-Pseudoaneurysm repair (Endograft placement)
-Embolization management
-Access steal syndrome management including miller banding procedure
-Artery and venous ultrasound
-DVT studies
-AVF mapping
-Central venous studies
-Hemodialysis tunnel catheter removal
-Placement of temporary catheter for emergent hemodialysis
-We do not place tunneled catheters as we pride ourselves in < 1% of our access patients having catheters.
-Stat potassium level
-Stat Hemoglobin level
-Immediate feedback to nephrologist and staff on patient volume status and clinical assessment of the need for urgent hemodialysis or whether hemodialysis could be done safely the next day
-On-site availability of IV calcium, bicarb, insulin, kayexalate, etc. to address the extremes of K elevations and avoid hospital admissions
-On-site availability of echo evaluations

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