Patient Education

At First Coast Cardiovascular Institute, an educated patient is an empowered patient. Check out our patient education videos where our providers empower you with knowledge on healthy living, everything from prevention, to nutrition, and disease management.  Our new video series, called Medical Monday, is posted every Monday and gives you the facts when it comes to healthcare in videos you can view in the waiting room, at home, or on your coffee break.

Medical Monday | The ABCDEs of Prevention

Medical Monday | Preparing for Your Doctor’s Appointment

Medical Monday | How to be an Educated Patient

Medical Monday | Help Your Doctor Help You

Medical Monday | Management of LEAD, LEVD, and Foot Ulcers

Medical Monday | Risk Factors of LEVD, LEAD, and Diabetic Foot Ulcers

MEdical Monday | The Wound care clinic

Medical Monday | Plant Stanols and Plant Sterols


Medical Monday | The Importance of Diet and Exercise for Cardiovascular Health

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