New Year; New Me, Right?

new year new me

New Year; new me, right? Well maybe, for about 10% of you. According to US News, only about 80% of New Year Resolutions make it past February. Why do our resolutions not pan out? The first reason is not making reasonable goals.

You know yourself well enough to make reasonable goals. If you have never worked out before, It probably is not a good idea to set your resolution for working out seven days a week. . Try starting small. For example, you could commit to a gym that has scheduled classes a few times a week, or  find a workout buddy.

When it comes to weight loss & healthy living, it is important to set small, specific, and realistic goals, according to Harvard Health. Losing weight never comes easy, and the faster you lose the weight,the quicker it returns. It is important to lose it properly and efficiently.

Try setting daily or weekly, specific, reasonable goals such as these:

  • I will eat a full heart healthy breakfast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • I will grocery shop on the weekend
  • I will have my meals pre-planned for 3 days this week
  • On days I do not pack my own lunch, I will seek out healthier option near me
  • I will go to the gym 3 days this week

The second reason many New Year Resolutions don’t last is due to the anxiety and stress brought on by change. There is an overwhelming amount of discomfort associated with changing your lifestyle.

Along with your obtainable, specific, short-term plan of action, also practice self-optimism. Build self-trust by making small promises to yourself and fulfilling those promises.

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