Is your Workplace Adding Extra Weight?

workplace obesity

The short answer, in most cases, is yes. Stuck in the middle of donuts for breakfast, pizza parties for lunch, and sodas from the vending machine, it is almost impossible to resist.

Between birthday parties, catered lunches and desserts, there seems to always be a reason to eat at work. While there is nothing wrong with celebrations at work, a new federal government survey found that about one-quarter of Americans “acquire” nearly 1,300 calories at work every week. This survey only includes foods that employees did not bring themselves. Essentially the common workplace adds 1,300 free calories to its employee’s diet weekly.

When the researchers looked at the foods by calories, pizza was the leading source of calories obtained at work, followed by sandwiches and regular soft drinks.

If you have seen these habits at your workplace, there are steps you can take to reduce your calorie intake on work days.

  • The best action to take is bringing your own lunch

The secret to a healthier lifestyle is self control, which isn’t ever easy. Bringing your own lunch to work can help you become more in charge of what you eat on a day-to-day basis.

  • If you cannot bring your own lunch, seek out healthier options near you.

A quick Google search and you can find all the healthy spots near you. You can always hit your local grocery store; most have premade salads and wraps.

  • Keep healthy snacks on you throughout the day.

Snacks are essential to fighting those unbearable cravings. Try something easy like dips or spreads with nuts or fruit.

  • Seek help from your coworkers.

Odds are you are not the only one in the office trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Find a few coworkers and start a lunch club. You can take turns making lunch for one another, share recipes, talk about your experiences, and simply motivate one another to stay on track!






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