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VEIN CLINIC BLOG 4.5.18Patients have many choices when it comes to vein clinics in Jacksonville. However, no vein clinic is quite as comprehensive as ours. The Vein Clinic at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI) examines venous health in terms of each patient’s overall health and wellness. 

What makes us the most comprehensive vein clinic in Northeast Florida? Our services go beyond your vein health. Patients have seen first-hand the benefits of our approach in maintaining their overall care.

Venous disease is a condition impacting a large portion of the U.S. population. Half of women and 40 percent of men suffer from a venous problem, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. However, often times, a patient comes in with symptoms that are suggestive of venous disease. After undergoing testing, we may find the patient does not have venous disease; their symptoms are actually indicative of another condition. Sometimes, this condition can even be life-threatening, such as heart failure. When this happens, we have a team of specialists that are board-certified in cardiovascular medicine, sleep medicine, wound care and pulmonology ready to care for the patient. No other vein clinic in the area houses a team of multi-specialists as extensive as ours under the same roof.

“You can expect a 360-degree approach to your vein health, including cosmetically,” says Dr. Jason Roberts, Director of the Vein Clinic. “More importantly, you can expect a full assessment of your risk factors, signs and symptoms beyond vein health.”

Our 10-year tradition of caring for thousands of patients in an outpatient setting is unmatched. From the simplest to the most complex of vein disease, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the field.

What can you do to maintain your vein health? Here are three steps to healthy veins:

  1. Schedule an appointment. There are certain sign and symptoms that can be a cause of concern, such as swollen ankles/calves, itchy or achy legs, skins changes and skin ulcers. If you experience any of these symptoms, call to schedule an appointment.
  2. Testing. We offer a range of testing to accurately evaluate your condition, which enables us to recommend treatment options. To learn more, click here to watch a short video about vascular screenings from our Director of the Vein Clinic, Dr. Jason Roberts.
  3. Discuss treatment options. Our physicians will recommend the treatment option most personalized to your condition and in alignment with your health goals. Our treatment options include everything from deep veins to superficial and cosmetic.

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