Updates in Innovation: Dr. Al-Saghir performs MitraClip Procedure

Photo courtesy of Abbott

We have done it again! It is our mission to always be the first to bring residents of the First Coast the latest treatments and advancements in medicine. Our patients deserve the best. Dr. Al-Saghir has done it again by being the first in Clay County to perform the MitraClip procedure for patients with mitral regurgitation.

Mitral regurgitation is a condition caused when the heart’s mitral valve doesn’t close completely. This can cause blood to flow backward, resulting in inefficient blood flow throughout your heart and body. This can lead to fatigue and significantly reduce quality of life for patients. The condition occurs in nearly 1 in 10 people aged 75 years and older.

For patients with mitral regurgitation, Dr. Al-Saghir is the first to perform the MitraClip procedure at Orange Park Medical Center. MitraClip is the world’s first percutaneous mitral valve repair therapy. The device allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently. Benefits of MitraClip include:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduction in mitral regurgitation
  • Improvement in patient symptoms
  • Reduction in hospitalizations for heart failure
  • Short recovery time

Unlike surgery, the procedure does not require opening the chest. MitraClip requires only a small incision in the upper leg to reach the heart. The device is then guided through a catheter to the mitral valve.

The MitraClip device is about the size of a dime and provides an option for patients who are too high-risk for open-heart surgery and have no other treatment options available to them. Every patient is unique. If you think these therapies may be right for you, call First Coast Cardiovascular Institute at 904.493.3333 to schedule an appointment.

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