The Truth about Statins


There are many myths surrounding prescribed statins. Statin is a vital drug used by many providers to help those with high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Some myths are that they cause diabetes, destroy muscle tissue, cause dementia and more. However, one of these myths about statins has been debunked by a recent study conducted by JAMA.

The study was conducted to prove whether statins cause an increase or decrease risk of dementia after a concussion. Concussions are a fairly common cause of brain injury, but can be rare in adults. Researchers followed over 28,000 adult patients post-concussion for a long-term study.

The patients in the study who received a statin had a 13% decrease in risk of dementia, compared to the patients who did not receive a statin. The results concluded that decreased the risk of dementia in adult patients with concussions.

Always remember how incredibly important it is to communicate with your providers about any issues you may be having with the drugs that are prescribed to you.

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