The Story of Bonnie Ciluffo | Patient Testimonial

“Prior to my meeting Dr. Lamba, I was enduring decreasing health. Sixteen years ago, for my daughter’s senior trip we went to the Dominican Republic. I contracted a parasite that attacked my kidneys and then my heart muscles. It significantly reduced my ability to have a normal life. After my hospitalization, I continued to see a cardiologist and a kidney doctor annually. My heart and kidney functions continue to decrease over the years. I became too sick to work in September 2020 and I was put-on short-term disability for my decreased heart and kidney functions. We sold our house in October, bought an RV and went to Jacksonville, Florida to enjoy what remained of my life. There was never any aggressive attention paid to me to reverse my declining health.

I would like to tell you what First Coast Cardiovascular Institute and Dr. Lamba did for me.

While at our daughter’s home near Atlanta, Georgia during Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I found I was unable to play outside with my grandkids and became very tired. I was even worse with no energy on Sunday. My husband and I left Monday morning after discussing options. He drove me straight to Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl.

I went through a number of tests over the next 24 hours. On Tuesday morning Dr. Lamba came in with Lucy to see me. He said I have heart failure and need help fast. He said he would take care of me. I am so thankful that God sent Dr. Lamba to me and he told me what was going on in my heart and also wanted to do more tests. I was released by Thursday morning and he wanted to see me the following week on Tuesday. When we went to the office, we were welcome by the front desk and filled out papers. They answered all our questions. The staff is amazing, very professional and caring. They don’t rush you.

Dr. Lamba updated me as to what was happening to my heart. I learned more from him than I had in 16 years that I had been going to a cardiologist for the past years and nothing was done to help me. He said I should have been on this certain heart medications which would have helped me over the years. I tell you that you can be going to a cardiologist but is it the right one? I was even given a clean bill of health a few months before from my doctor in Michigan. Dr. Lamba knows his specialty, that is the heart. Dr. Lamba saved my life. The Lord brought him into my life to help me. Dr. Lamba is a wonderful, caring doctor (he really cares for his patients and I heard that from other people in the waiting room). I tell everyone about First Coast Cardiovascular Institute and Dr. Lamba. The staff is amazing and everyone wants you to feel better and is so loving and personable. He really cares for his patients and has a wonderful personality. If it wasn’t for Dr. Lamba and his team, I would not be here today.

He said I needed a Heart Transplant and I need it soon. He called a doctor friend and said I am sending you a girl that needs a heart and she is coming by ambulance. It was Dr. Lamba that helped me get into the transplant hospital. Praise the Lord that after I was put on the national transplant list. I received a heart and kidney in four days after being placed on the national registry.

Dr. Lamba holds a special place in my new heart. I pray for him and his team everyday for health and safety and that they keep doing God’s Work here on earth. My husband is now being seen by Dr. Lamba because of the stress he has been under this past year along with a history of heart disease in his family to make sure he is okay. Thank you all for everything Dr. Lamba and the Team has done for us. Because he had cared and wanted to help me, I can play outside with my grandkids and Lord willing be able to make special memories with my kids and grandkids. My transplant was one year and one month ago and I remain 0,0 with no rejection.”

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