The Screenings Every Woman Needs

Dr. Ortiz-Roldan & Ravi, our partners at Jacksonville Clinic, talk women’s health. In the past 30 years, women’s health has dramatically improved. We’ve seen the incidents of diseases such as breast cancer and cervical cancer significantly decrease. “Our screening tools have advanced and women are increasingly dedicated to taking care of

Back to School: Screenings To Get Your Child Ready for Fall Sports

The first day of school is just around the corner, which means many student athletes will be starting practice for sports such as football or cross country. But training too hard in the Florida heat can be dangerous. In this interview with First Coast Living, Dr. Moussa discusses the potential symptoms of heart problems and how you can get

6 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Although heart disease is a leading cause of death, it doesn’t have to be your own fate. There are ways that you can prevent heart disease and any future damage to your health and your heart. Today, we’ll explore different ways that you can incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle

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