Our New Go-To Heart Healthy Food: Avocado

In honor of Heart Month, we’ll be talking about one of our favorite heart-healthy fruit, avocado. What makes avocado so good? First and most importantly, the taste is heavenly. Avocado is often referred to as a healthy fat. We know it may seem strange to refer to fat as healthy

What is Blood Pressure and Why Does It Matter?

February is National Heart Month! The heart is our full-time job so we couldn’t be more excited to have an entire month dedicated to our cause. We’ll be shamelessly taking this opportunity to talk about the prevention and management of heart disease this entire month. If you have

Drs. Thielemann and Hamdani Share Foods to Help You Sleep Better

There is nothing we love more than a good night’s sleep. To prove it, we have two Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialists on staff and two fully accredited sleep labs.  Drs. Thielemann  & Hamdani have dedicated their lives to helping people sleep better. That’s why they’ve partnered to share

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