Thoughtful Tuesday

Focusing on the present moment is just one form of meditation. Practiced daily, meditation can lower your risk of heart disease and influence the development of healthier habits.

Mindfulness Meditation & Your Health

There are many benefits to mindfulness meditation – or the psychological state of experiencing the present moment – that go beyond reducing stress. Not only has it been linked to a lower risk of developing heart disease and hypertension but it may also help in the development of healthier

Thoughtful Tuesday

“Inner peace is the new success.”
Meditation not only helps reduce stress, but also lowers your risk of heart disease. Dr. DeNeen believes in the importance of daily meditation: “My day is not the same without taking a few minutes for myself in the morning,”

Thoughtful Tuesday

“According to current research, only about 10% of our happiness is based on our external world. The other 90% is based on how we see the world.”

-From “The Happiness Equation” by Neil Pasricha
We’ve talked about perception many times

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Meditation & Heart Health?

If you aren’t sure what meditation is or haven’t been open to it before, Dr. Sumant Lamba may give you all the reasons you need to give it a shot.  Dr. Lamba enjoys a few minutes of meditation every morning. He finds an immense benefit in meditation for his mental & emotional health. To make matters even

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