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Dr. Omer Zuberi Becomes First Physician in Northeast Florida to Offer Patients a New Heart Failure Monitoring Solution

(Jacksonville, FL – May 28, 2015) – We are proud to announce Dr. Omer Zuberi, Interventional Cardiologist, is the first physician in Northeast Florida to implant the CardioMEMS Heart Failure (HF) System. The CardioMEMS HF System is the first

Best Mobile Apps for Your Heart Health

You use it for photos, music, online shopping, and checking email – but did you know that your smartphone is also a convenient health tool? Download these apps to keep your heart health in check when you’re on the go.

Withings Health Mate (see left)
The Withings Health Mate app

Friendship Can Help Protect Your Heart, The Atlantic Reports

For decades, scientists have known that friendship is important for emotional health – people with a large group of friends and acquaintances experience less stress, loneliness, and depression. Now, The Atlantic reports, a new study shows that social

Sneaky Ways to Get More Exercise Every Day

Exercise doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, daunting task. Any exercise is heart healthy, and there are a few simple things you can do to incorporate exercise into your everyday activities.

Park further than you usually would.
Avoid looking for a parking spot close to the entrance and park as far away as you can to increase the steps you take

5 Heart Healthy Benefits of Yoga

You may know yoga as the exercise that make you feel calm and improves your flexibility. However, you may not think of yoga as being good for your heart. As it turns out, yoga can improve your cardiovascular health in more than one way.

Dr. Khatib Interview with WSOS St. Augustine

In honor of American Heart Month, Dr. Khatib sat down with Kevin Geddings and Sam Mascato of WSOS 99.5 – St Augustine to discuss the trends he’s seen in heart disease over his 15-year career. A few highlights: (more…)

Emergency surgery followed many missed chances to diagnose illness

Emergency surgery followed many missed chances to diagnose illness
By Sandra G. Boodman

Songer, then 54, was alone in his Jacksonville, Fla., home after a long day at work when he suddenly felt a searing pain — “like something hit me on the back of the head with a sledgehammer” — that

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