Here’s What You Really Need to Know about Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that interrupts your regular breathing pattern at night and prevents your body from receiving an adequate amount of oxygen. Although sleep apnea is a common condition that affects approximately 22 million US adults, nearly 80% of sleep apnea cases remain undiagnosed. Sleep apnea is

Preventing Amputations: The SALSAL Foundation

Nearly half of unhealed diabetic foot ulcers result in death within five years. In fact, 85% of lower-limb amputations in patients with diabetes are preceded with a foot ulcer, according to Diabetes Care. New Cardiovascular Horizons estimates the associated cost with amputations is $10-20 billion, every single year. These

Save a Leg, Save a Life

Here’s a throwback Thursday for you – in this interview from 2012, Dr. Desmond Bell sat down with WOKV 104.5 to discuss diabetic foot ulcers and his work with the Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation. He answered the following questions: Continue reading “Save a Leg, Save a Life” »

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