Sneaky Ways to Get More Exercise Every Day

Exercise doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, daunting task. Any exercise is heart healthy, and there are a few simple things you can do to incorporate exercise into your everyday activities.

  1. Park further than you usually would.
    Avoid looking for a parking spot close to the entrance and park as far away as you can to increase the steps you take each day.
  2. Take a lap on your lunch break
    At work, use the first half of your lunch break to eat. Then, grab your coworkers for a  walk outside or around the building. it’s also a great way to fight the mid-afternoon slump for a more productive day!
  3. Walk to your coworker’s desk
    It’s easy to just shoot your co-worker an email or text when you need them. However, taking the time to walk over a few times a day means a few extra steps that can add up. Bonus messages tend to translate better face-to-face than over text or email.
  4. Change out your work chair for an exercise ball
    Using an exercise ball in lieu of a chair burns over four times more calories than a desk chair. Over time, this equates to two pounds a year.
  5. Speed up your chores
    Turn on some fast paced music to inspire you to move quicker while doing chores. in addition to getting some exercise, it will also get your chores done faster!
  6. Take the stairs
    The elevator is tempting but taking two extra flights of stairs can result in six pounds of weight loss over a year.

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