Redefining a Physician’s Approach to Vascular Disease

BLOG 4.20.18First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI) leads the community in endovascular therapies that lead to shorter procedural and recovery times. In the past, vascular problems were primarily diagnosed and treated at hospitals with surgery as the primary treatment. However, with the aggressive growth of endovascular medicine, many patients are receiving all the care they need for vascular disease in an outpatient setting.

Contrary to traditional surgical techniques, endovascular medicine uses minimally-invasive technology to evaluate and treat vascular diseases. These therapies provide imaging techniques to accurately assess the vasculature of the heart, head, neck, legs and arms. These imaging techniques assist in determining whether blockages and diseases require further treatment or intervention.

Successful vascular care and management, with catheterization, requires the expertise of a trained, board certified endovascular specialist. At FCCI, our robust team of endovascular specialists are all board-certified in their fields, achieving the highest level of training. We were also the first in the area to open a freestanding outpatient catheterization laboratory where our patients can receive most endovascular interventions required. Most patients will leave the facility the same day.

In addition to a team of board certified physicians and accredited facility, FCCI houses a clinical research department. Our research team has proven success in advancing endovascular interventions. For over a decade, we have participated in research that paved the way to many of the stents, pharmaceutical drugs and devices that are now the standard of care. We were one of the first sites in Florida to offer Zilver PTX, the world’s first superficial femoral artery. This allowed us to bring the latest advancements to our patients, before anyone else, leading to more sustainable outcomes.

Our endovascular specialists will always strive to prevent a condition from getting to the point where an intervention is needed. However, when an intervention is necessary, rest assured we have access to the latest innovations. The result for you? A better quality of life.

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