Reaching a Milestone in Cardiac Care: The Subcutaneous ICD

dr ibrahim s-icdFirst Coast Cardiovascular Institute has hit another milestone – last month, Dr. Morhaf Ibrahim was one of the first physicians in the area to implant the new, leadless subcutaneous implantable cardiac defibrillator (S-ICD™) device. This device, developed by Boston Scientific, is a safe, noninvasive way to monitor heart activity and protect patients from sudden cardiac arrest.




According to Boston Scientific, 850,000 people in the United States are at risk for an abrupt loss of heart function, or sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). For these patients, an ICD device can help monitor their heart rhythm and deliver a shock if necessary, but they remain unprotected. The S-ICD sits just below the skin without the need for thin, insulated wires – known as leads – to be placed into the heart itself. This leaves the cardiovascular system untouched, and provides the same protection as traditional transvenous ICDs without the need to penetrate the heart or blood vessels.

AnatomicalPlacement_S-ICDAccording to Dr. Ibrahim, “This procedure is a safer, lower-cost alternative to traditional ICDs. Because it is less invasive, there is reduced risk for complications and patients may experience a faster recovery time.” The S-ICD™ device is recommended for patients who do not have symptomatic bradycardia or incessant ventricular tachycardia, or spontaneous, frequently recurring ventricular tachycardia that is reliable terminated with anti-tachycardia pacing.

Dr. Ibrahim is currently performing the procedure in the Northeast Florida area. If you have questions or would like to learn more about this procedure, please call our Special Procedures Coordinator at: 904.493.3333.

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