Question & Answer Session with Open Road Bicycles

OpenRoad BicyclesWhile every health care professional agrees that physical activity is important, not all forms of physical activity are for everyone. When running is hard on your joints, biking can be a great alternative. We talked to Scott Gross of Open Road Bicycles to bring you a guide to biking.

Guide to Biking

What are the health benefits of biking?
Biking promotes weight loss as well as increases your heart rate. It allows you to sleep well and reduces your stress levels. Bike riders also tend to eat well, smoke less and pursue more physical activity. I think bike riding keeps you happy.

Why is biking considered a low impact sport?
Since your joints are not pounding into the concrete the way they might if you are running, biking becomes a less detrimental choice of activity.

How often should someone bike?
It comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. I bike everyday for four or five hours. I suggest three times a week for an hour each session.

How can you get the best biking experience?
There is a lot of diversity when it comes to biking. A quick way to make a bike ride more interesting is to change bike routes often. This changes your visuals and gives you a different experience. I also suggest renting a bike while traveling and discovering a new city. You can see the city from a street level and experience different sights and smells.You have the opportunity to feel the city. In addition, you can change up the type of bike you’re riding. Each bike gives you a different experience from a mountain bike to a cruiser.

Open Road Bicycles has six locations throughout Northeast Florida and accommodates everyone from families to professional racers. Visit their website to learn more!

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