Ozone Gas or UV light has Not Been FDA Approved to Clean CPAP Machines

CPAP devices, or continuous positive airway pressure devices, are devices mainly used for patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a condition where a person’s airways can become blocked while sleeping, causing them to wake up frequently through the night. This can result excessive daytime sleepiness, neurological issues and even an increased risk of heart disease. The CPAP machine can be taken home by the patient and used to keep their airways open while they sleep.

Recently, several manufacturers have been claiming that using their products that contain ozone gas or UV light can be used to clean the CPAP machine safely. The FDA announced that these products are not FDA approved and should not be used. Using these elements could worsen conditions.

These manufacturers are not regulating the amount of exposure a patient may get to ozone gas or UV light. High levels of exposure to ozone gas can cause a respiratory infection or worsen their already respiratory disease. High levels of exposure to UV lights can cause burns, eye damage or an increased risk of skin cancer.

The best approved way to clean the CPAP machine is to first unplug it. Next, carefully read the directions on the machine because each is different. Take the CPAP machine apart by following the directions and wash with soapy water and hang to dry. Some CPAP machines recommend a combination of vinegar and water.

Click play for further instruction on how to clean your CPAP Maching from Dr. Thielemann, FCCI’s sleep doctor.

Source: FDA

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