How Do Our Providers Destress?

We asked our providers:

How do you destress:


Brenda Murphy, APRN

I will either listen to music while running or along the shoreline listening to the ocean.


Merdijana Ahmetovic, APRN

I hug and kiss my 3 sweet children and I am all de-stressed!



Gina Luncan, APRN

Gym! I also love spending time on the water.


Cecilia Pitts, APRN

I love video games, reading, exercise, and of course, spending time with my family.


Donna Geiger, APRN

I will ride in my convertible, if it’s not raining, or go to the beach!


Lucy Walling, APRN

-After a long day of work, there is nothing better than kicking my feet up, staying home and relaxing!


Sherita Bently, APRN

-To de-stress, I like to try new places to eat!


Liliana Torrealba, PA-C

-I will go roller skating or go to the beach!


Meagan LeMaster, PA-C

-I like to watch football games and cheer on the Jags!


Erin Voss, PA-C

-I relax by going on hikes or taking small road trips.


Ashley Jarrell, PA-C

-I relax by exercising and taking my dog on outdoor adventures!


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