Heart Failure During the Holidays

heart failure

The seasons are changing. Along with these changes also comes a change in our clocks, our eating habits, our exercise routine and more. While the winter months are happier times for most, it is also a time when heart failure cases begin to increase, according to the American Heart Association.

Below are the reasons why heart diseases, like heart failure, are so prevalent during the winter months. Knowing these tips from Memorial Hospital Jacksonville Heart Failure Clinic can help ensure you and your families are safe from heart disease this holiday season.

  1. Over eating during the Holidays
    • The holiday season is a time to feast with your family and loved ones, but it does not mean you have to over eat. Holiday foods are loaded with high amounts of fat, salt and sugar. These foods can negatively impact your heart health. For tips on how to prevent over eating during the holidays read “Holiday Eating Tips from Your Doctor” 
  2. Forgetting Medication While on Vacation
    • Your medication should be an essential part of your packing process when you are going to visit family or loved ones. You should also bring your provider’s phone number with you in case of emergencies. Try setting reminders on your phone or ask your family or friends to remind you. Be sure you have enough medication to last your entire trip.
  3. Reducing Physical Activity because of cold Weather
    • It is harder to get outside and go for walks when it is cold, but it is a necessity to stay active over the holidays. Try to continue your daily walks and exercise routines. You can even substitute these walks with daily indoor exercise routines. You can find a gym with a treadmill to walk inside or even do a simple Google search to find indoor exercise that best suits your needs. Click here for a video with ideas on how to workout inside.
  4. Finding time to see the Doctor
    • The holidays can be an extremely busy time for everyone. With gift shopping, seeing family and traveling, it can seem like there just isn’t enough time in the day to go to your doctor appointments. However, it is vital to make time for your regularly scheduled appointments. The winter months are knows as peak heart attack, stroke and heart disease months. Seeing your doctor, even for a checkup can decrease your chances of tragedy over the holidays.

It is also important to maintain a healthy sleep pattern and see your doctor if your sleep pattern becomes abnormal. Be sure to pace yourself. Not everything is done in one day. Every step you take to better your lifestyle and heart health is a step in the right direction!






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