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HEART FAILURE BLOG 12.21.17Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a condition affecting five million Americans, according to Emory Healthcare. It is the reason for 11 million doctors’ visits every year and is responsible for more hospitalizations than all cancers combined.

Along with its vast presence in the U.S. population, its mortality rates unfortunately remain relatively high. More than half of those diagnosed will pass away within five years, according to Emory Healthcare. It is the goal of the First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI) team to give patients with CHF a chance at living a quality life with their diagnosis.

A Dedicated Heart Failure Team

We have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the treatment of patients with CHF including physicians who are board-certified in cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. Brenda Murphy, ARNP, is a certified heart failure nurse practitioner who works closely with our team of physicians.

Dr. Omer Zuberi is one of the few physicians in the area who is board-certified in heart failure. Dr. Zuberi says this board certification was important to him because he sees the distress CHF patients commonly face. “When patients find out about their diagnosis, they become worried about how this changes their ability to live their lives normally,” says Dr. Zuberi. Achieving the highest level of training equipped him with the knowledge necessary to treat these patients with the latest technology.

In addition to expertise, our team holds passion. Every Wednesday, Dr. Sumant Lamba holds a heart failure clinic dedicated to patients with this condition. “I want these patients to know that despite the statistics, there is hope for them,” says Dr. Lamba. “We are partners in their care.”

A Dedication to Innovation

We utilize state-of-the-art technology including hemodynamic monitoring to evaluate and treat patients. This technology assesses how well the heart is working by measuring the blood pressure inside the veins and arteries. This monitoring helps determine the treatment options that are most suitable for the patient’s conditions.

One of these hemodynamic monitoring systems is the CardioMEMS device. Dr. Zuberi was the first in the area to implant the small device that improves care for heart failure patients. The device is the first FDA-approved heart failure monitoring device that has been proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions when used by physicians to manage heart failure. It works by transmitting frequent sensor readings from the patient’s home to their provider, allowing for personalized and proactive management to reduce the likelihood of hospitalizations.

Research and Education         

We have a dedicated research team performing studies to advance care for heart failure patients. Our research team focuses on clinical trials for both pharmaceuticals and devices. Our most recent device trials include software placed inside of a device to determine when a patient is going into heart failure, based on their symptoms. This manages heart failure and prevents the condition from furthering in severity.

“New technologies, coupled with our team’s passion are producing miracles every day,” says Dr. Yazan Khatib, President of FCCI.

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