Our New Go-To Heart Healthy Food: Avocado

In honor of Heaunnamedrt Month, we’ll be talking about one of our favorite heart-healthy fruit, avocado. What makes avocado so good? First and most importantly, the taste is heavenly. Avocado is often referred to as a healthy fat. We know it may seem strange to refer to fat as healthy but bear with us for a moment. Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats help lower your cholesterol which lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. Avocados are also full of fiber, another heart loving nutrient that lowers the risk for cardiovascular diseases. We haven’t even gotten to all of the vitamins and minerals in avocados that (yet again) lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases. 

We came across an amazing article on the Huffington Post on foods items you can swap out out for a healthier option, avocado. We’ve listed some of their suggestions. Read the full article for more.

Avocado instead of Mayonnaise

We know, mayonnaise is considered the perfect way to add a kick of flavor to your boring turkey sandwich. Unfortunately, mayonnaise has a lot of unhealthy fats. Try getting your kick of flavor by adding avocado or using an avocado spread.

Avocado instead of Butter

We know this may seem like a strange one but you can substitute butter for avocado in your baking recipes in a 1:1 ratio. Doing this will decrease the unhealthy fats in butter.

Avocado Pudding

Also another one that may seem like a strange combination but we’ve heard so many positive reviews of avocado pudding, we couldn’t help but recommend it. Blend 1 ripe avocado, 2 cups of coconut almond milk & 2 teaspoons of sugar in a food blender or food processor until smooth. To finish, garnish with granola or sliced almonds. 

Avocado instead of Cheese

Substitute avocado for cheese and skip the sodium and cholesterol found in cheese. You won’t be disappointed.

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