Tracy Pirtle, Practice Administrator, gets her blood glucose levels checked

Collectively, 116 million people in the US have diabetes or prediabetes. November is National Diabetes Month and being that our passion is healthy lifestyles, we couldn’t help but chip in to raise awareness.

Yes, there are risk factors for diabetes that are outside of our control like having a family history, but we should focus on the risk factors that we can change such as being overweight, living a sedentary lifestyle or having abnormal cholesterol levels. We are always inspired by our doctors’ desire to live healthy, despite working long hours to provide quality patient care. Here are their tips for reducing your risk for diabetes:

Reduce stress

Ask yourself what stresses you out? Make a list and then try to eliminate sources of stress as best you can. Do not just go with your instinct and say “I can’t.”

Lose 5-7% body weight

study found that losing just 5-7% body weight in people who are overweight and had prediabetes delayed or even prevented type 2 diabetes onset.

Brown bag it

Making your own lunch ensures you know exactly what is going into it. You can control portion size, ingredients and taste. Trying to prepare lunch in the morning can be hectic, especially when you (like the rest of us) are running late. Instead, try preparing it the night.

Keep an open dialogue with your doctor

Talk to your doctor about checking your blood glucose levels and your ideal target ranges.

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