David Seibert | Testimonial

David Seibert

I had been short of breath. I saw Dr. Alnabki and we discussed getting an angiogram. Dr. Alnabki did the angiogram and it turned out to be an angioplasty because he found one artery that was 80% blocked. He did a stent. The problem came afterward. I was in recovery with my daughter. I said, ‘Something is wrong, I am getting dizzy.’ My heart stopped. The nurse immediately called the code. Dr. Alnabki was by my side.

Dr. Alnabki was there all of the time. He was not only there to see me but he came early in the morning. He called the nurses’ station at night to find out how I was doing. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for him.

The receptionist seems to always be joyful and always understands patient frustration. She is very courteous and friendly. The office is excellent. I hardly had any wait time at all. I would recommend Dr. Alnabki to anyone, my family particularly. He is exceptional, professional, knowledgeable. I wouldn’t be here without him.

-David Seibert, Patient of Dr. Alnabki

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