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Medical Monday | What to Expect During a Cath Lab Procedure

During the cath lab procedure a little pain is to be expected at the insertion point. Once past the skin and into the vessel, the patient does not feel what is being done. Afterward, the patient can expect a recovery time

Medical Monday | Cathaterization Lab

FCCI opened the first freestanding outpatient cardiac and peripheral vascular catheterization laboratory in Jacksonville, Florida. The outpatient setting creates a lower out-of-pocket cost for patients, and it provides a more comfortable and convenient setting. we have performed thousands of procedures in

Medical Monday | Pulmonary Exercise Test

The pulmonary exercise test involves running on the treadmill to evaluate the exercise capacity of a patient and predict outcomes in patients with heart failure as well as other cardiac conditions.

Medical Monday | Pulmonary Function Test

The pulmonary function test is a complete evaluation of the respiratory system. Our most common patients are those who smoke or former

Medical Monday | Varicose Veins

This Monday we are talking about the signs, symptoms and treatments of venous insufficiency, more commonly known as varicose veins. Venous reflux disease is extremely prevalent in the United States. It is two times more prevalent than coronary artery disease (CHD)

Medical Monday | Vascular Screenings

Many health insurance companies will not pay for vascular screenings without the presence of certain signs and symptoms, even for high-risk individuals. Our package allows individuals to get screened for various vascular diseases without having to go through their insurance.

Medical Monday | Accreditation 

We hold seven accreditations in the cardiovascular health field, making the professionals at our facility experts within their specialties. Accreditation is important to us and we provide a

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Lower Extremity Swelling

Dr. Vaqar Ali, Interventional Cardiologist, talks about the causes, symptoms and treatment of lower extremity swelling. Call 904.493.3333 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ali.

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Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Dr. David Swain, Board Certified Podiatrist & Wound Care Specialist, talks about how to effectively treat diabetic foot ulcers in order to prevent amputations.

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Innovative Technology for Coronary Artery Disease

Dr. Sumant Lamba, Board Certified Cardiologist, talks about the Impella device, the world’s smallest heart pump. This tiny device acts like a temporary artificial heart as it maintains blood flow through the body during a cardiac procedure. Watch Dr. Lamba talk about the innovative technology and how it is used to maintain optimal heart health.

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