Behind the White Coat: Dr. Mubbasher Syed

Throughout his youth, his mother instilled the belief that a human’s worth is best measured by their ability to help those around him. In honor of this belief and in honor of the love and adoration for his mother, Dr. Syed chose to work in the medical field.

As Dr. Syed advanced his education in cardiology, his residency career at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland Ohio inspired his career as an interventional cardiologist. On a night call as a new intern, Dr. Syed witnessed an interventionalist wire and balloon a completely occluded left anterior descending artery. Dr. Syed was mesmerized as he watched the interventionalist perform this procedure, Dr. Syed says “I could not fathom a more potent and elegant way of being helpful to my patients. The immediate and tangible sense of reward was nothing like I had seen in any other subspecialty. I knew in that moment that I had found my calling and have never looked back.”

Dr. Syed is a huge advocate for preventative healthcare. He believes in the notion that prevention is the best management for any ailment. As a practicing physician at FCCI, he hopes to help our patients with lifestyle changes, counseling, screening, and medicine in order to effectively preempt an emergency room visit. As well as preventative healthcare, Dr. Syed is very passionate about innovation in endovascular procedures. He states, “We owe it to the pioneers of this field and to our patients, to continually evolve, innovate, and simplify minimally invasive therapeutic options.”

The biggest inspiration in Dr. Syed’s life is his four year-old daughter, Sakeena. Sakeena has inspired Dr. Syed to be a better human and role model, “Like all daughters, she is the purest and most affectionate of blessings a man can have. She inspires me to re-imagine myself in a manner I never would have thought possible before her.” says Dr. Syed.

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