Assess Your Heart Risk

heart assessment

Early detection is key in treating heart disease before it escalates into a more serious condition like heart attack or stroke. It’s important to recognize the symptoms and consult with your doctor if they start to interfere with your daily routine. Take the quiz below to find out more about your heart health.

  1. Do you experience chest pain or discomfort (tightness, pressure, etc.)?
    1. No, this doesn’t sound like me.
    2.  Occasionally.
    3. Frequently, even when I’m sedentary.
  2. Are you physically active?
    1. Yes, I like to exercise several times a week.
    2. Not really – but I feel fine.
    3. No, I’m unable to be physically active.
  3. Have you had any dizziness or lightheadedness recently?
    1. Not at all.
    2.  Occasionally.
    3. Yes, consistently.
  4. Do you smoke or drink alcohol?
    1. Rarely.
    2. Yes, on a social basis.
    3. Yes, multiple times a week.
  5. Do you feel short of breath easily?
    1. No, this doesn’t sound like me.
    2. Occasionally.
    3. Yes, even with daily activities such as walking and standing.
  6. Have you experienced prolonged weakness or fatigue?
    1.  Never.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Regularly.
  7. Do you visit your doctor regularly?
    1. Yes – I have a routine checkup once a year.
    2. Only when there’s an issue I want to discuss.
    3. Not as much as I should.


If you answered mostly A’s – It sounds like your heart health is in tip-top shape. It’s important to keep your annual primary care appointment though to make sure your health remains at its best. If you need to schedule a primary care appointment, give us a call at 904.622.9035.

If you answered mostly B’s – You may be experiencing some symptoms that could be indicative of heart disease. We have providers who specialize in different branches of cardiovascular medicine to ensure we meet every patient’s individual needs. Call us at 904.493.3333 to schedule an appointment today.

If you answered mostly C’s – Many of these symptoms typically occur in serious cases of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or heart failure. Call us today at 904.493.3333 to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified cardiologists to discuss these warning signs.



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