Alcohol Consumption and High Blood Pressure in Diabetes

Individuals who have diabetes and consume more than one alcoholic beverage a day risk developing high blood pressure, according to a study done by the American Heart Association. Research showed that when eight to fourteen alcoholic beverages were consumed in one week, the chances of developing high blood pressure were increased by 79%.

The study also showed that light drinking, only one to seven drinks a week, did not show any association to increased blood pressure. The risk only increase if the number of drinks consumed increased. You might be wondering what exactly one alcoholic beverage equates to:

  • one 12-ounce beer
  • one 5-ounce glass of wine
  • 1.5 ounces of hard liquor

It is important to remember that if you suffer from diabetes, your risk for high blood pressure is already very high. Alcohol consumption should be extremely limited, or not consumed at all, if possible. Always remember to consult your doctor about lifestyle choices that could affect your health, especially alcohol consumption.

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