Advancing Medical Knowledge: Our Clinic Research Department

TMP_4934The Clinical Research Department at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI) contributes to the development of medicine through innovative research. Our team collaborates with top pharmaceutical and device companies to give patients access to the latest advancements in medicine.

One of the ways we accomplish these goals is through clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies involving people and help in identifying new treatments. Our clinical research department manages over 20 clinical trials.   

“Many of our patients choose to participate in clinical trials,” says Regina Moore, Director of Clinical Research, “Each clinical trial is different and has very specific entrance guidelines.”

FCCI has been involved in many pre-market trials for stents which have since been FDA approved. A stent is a wire mesh tube that is placed in the narrowed arteries. The use of stents restores normal blood flow and aborts heart attacks. Stents also save patients from a potential stroke and prevent amputations. FCCI has worked closely with top manufacturing companies during approval process for different stents. We’ve had the privilege of working with Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Cook Medical, Abbott, and many other prestigious organizations, putting us at the forefront of rapid changes in the cardiovascular field.   

Additionally, we have been involved in many pre-market drug trials, like our work with Xarelto, which have since been FDA approved. Xarelto is a blood thinner used for patients with atrial fibrillation and can reduce the occurrences of stroke and blood clots.

“By being active participants in clinical research, we ensure our patients are the first to benefit from exciting new technology in the cardiovascular field,” says Dr. Yazan Khatib, President of FCCI.


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