5 Heart Healthy Tips for the Kitchen


We’ve heard a rumor that our friend at Jacksonville Clinic, Dr. Oscar Rodas, is an amazing chef outside of clinic. We’ve even heard he created a cookbook for his wife. When it comes to the kitchen, preparing healthy meals doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Check out Dr. Rodas’ hacks in the kitchen for healthy and tasty dishes.

Mix whole wheat flour with all purpose flour
If a recipe calls for 2 cups of all purpose flour, try substituting half of this with whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour retains more vitamins and nutrients than all purpose flour.

Use herbs & spices
Try using various herbs & spices in lieu of salt. This reduces your sodium intake and adds a kick of flavor to your dish.

Steam your vegetables
Methods such as boiling, stir-frying and blanching cause vegetables to lose their vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Try steaming your vegetables instead to preserve healthy benefits. You can use a steam basket or microwave to do this.

Egg whites instead of eggs
An egg yolk has five grams of fat whereas egg whites have no fat. When a recipe calls for an egg, replace it with two egg whites. This will reduce your calories and fat intake.

Vary your foods
We know it’s tempting to eat the same thing over and over again but varying your food choices exposes you to more flavors & nutrients. Try purchasing one new ingredient to experiment with in the kitchen every time you go to the grocery store.

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