5 Health Podcasts You Need to Know

These days, most people no longer turn to  pamphlets and brochures for health information. Now, smartphones provide easy access to medical news, health tips, and other need-to-know updates. What’s more, you can listen to your health information while working, cooking, doing chores or taking a walk. We break down the best podcasts to download for your health.

health podcasts60 Second Health by Scientific American
We all have 60 seconds in our day and a minute spent educating ourselves is a minute well spent. In this podcast, you can hear one minute reports on the latest health and medical news so you can make an informed decision.


TEDTalks Health
You are probably familiar with the motivational TEDTalks. This podcast takes the same theme of spreading ideas that traditional TEDTalks are known for and merges it with the theme of health. Doctors, researchers and experts share their knowledge on all things healthy – from daily habits to medical breakthroughs. Bonus: You can also listen to these podcasts on their website with subtitles in 80 languages available.

To Your Health: National Library of Medicine
Information for this weekly podcast is presented by the world’s largest medical library, the National Library of Medicine.  This podcast is your source for non-commercial consumer health and medical information.

The One You Feed Podcast
Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete list of health-related podcasts without acknowledging our mental health. The name of the podcast represents two sides of us: the negative and the positive. This podcast aims to feed the positive through lectures on habits, happiness and motivation.

Dishing Up Nutrition
Food plays a key role in how we feel. This podcast makes the connection between what we eat and our energy levels, cravings and mood. Experts engage in conversations about nutrition, cooking, supplements and the latest research.

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