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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Two doctors said I was going to lose my leg. I didn’t have blood going into either leg and I couldn’t walk. My foot was black and purple and my toes were split open. It was so painful. I was in California at the time and I had been going to this doctor for three years. He finally told me, “No more.” He said he was going ...

    Doreen Untinen
  • FCCI has helped me get my heart health on track. Thorough diagnostic testing coupled with the time Dr. Sasseen, Dr. Khatib, and all of the staff has taken to educate me on my condition and how best to manage it, it lets me know I’m in good hands.

    Jeri Burtchell
  • For fourteen years, my heart health has been entrusted to Dr. Khatib and the entire staff at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute. Thank you so much.

    John Denton
  • Dr. Hamdani has a wonderful and engaging bedside manner. She is very intelligent and is a pleasure. She identified the fluid around my lungs and contacted a surgeon to get the surgery performed. I had open heart surgery initially and after having the surgery, there was lots of recovery time. Dr. Hamdani was instrumental ...

    James Swenson
  • If I were a rich person, I would take out a full page ad in the newspaper and tell the world how great you are. If I were a rich person, I would hire a plane to write across the sky how great you are. If I were a rich person, I would rent a billboard that would tell the world how great you are. Alas, I am not a rich pers...

    Patient of Dr. Lamba
  • My first initial appointment with Dr. Khatib and the staff was so very honest and relatable. He talked to me like I was a person, not like someone revolving out of his door. The procedures I went through had been attempted five prior times by another reputable cardiovascular organization and they didn’t have any success....

    Teresa Boyd
  • I have a family history of atherosclerosis. I lost my right left above the knee five years ago. The pain in my left leg was no longer manageable so I was on my way to the amputation table. My podiatrist said, “Wait a minute, before you do that, are you willing to look at something different?” I said, “I’ll look at anythi...

    William Cassels
  • I’ve never had any major medical issues in my entire life. I began to have problems with my leg and couldn’t walk very long distances without pain. My primary care physician recommended I go to Dr. Khatib. He checked it out and found that I had clogged arteries in my left and right leg. I had stents put in my left leg an...

    Michael Starks
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